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GCSW is excited to present our GoGrander t-shirts! They are a great way to show your support for our community and get the word out about the Grand Challenges. There are a variety of designs available in a range of inclusive sizes–check out all the options and order yours here!

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Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society, 2nd Edition

The latest edition of “Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society: Milestones Achieved and Opportunities Ahead” includes updates and goals for each Grand Challenge, as well as new information on the Grand Challenge to Eliminate Racism, gender equity issues across all Grand Challenges, expanding the social work pipeline, commentaries from leading social work organizations, and how interdisciplinary science can be applied to tackle society’s most urgent problems. Order yours today!

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Grand Challenges in Action

Research Spurs Community to Address Income Inequality

A wage equity study from the University of Washington School of Social Work found that human service workers in Seattle and King Counties are paid 30 – 37% less than jobs in industries with similar skill sets. The research team included Jennifer Romich, network co-lead for Grand Challenge to Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality. Following the publication of the study, the Seattle City Council drafted a resolution to increase wages for nonprofit human service workers and ultimately establish minimum pay standards based on job characteristics.

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Grand Challenges for Social Work Invites You to Go•Grander!