Grand Challenges 5 Year Impact Report

The Grand Challenges for Social Work released its 5 year Impact Report in January 2021, highlighting accomplishments throughout the initiative and across the country in its first five years. At the mid-way mark in the ten year initiative, the report acknowledges progress to-date, and goals for the remaining five years.

You can view this interactive document in full-screen here or download the PDF. You can also view the individual two-pagers for each Grand Challenge by following the links below.

Ensure health development for all youth
Close the health gap
Build healthy relationships to end violence
Advance long and productive lives
Eradicate social isolation
End homelessness
Create social response to a changing environment
Harness technology for social good
Eliminate racism
Promote smart decarceration
Reduce extreme economic inequality
Build financial capacity and assets for all
Achieve equal opportunity and justice

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