The Grand Challenges for Social Work is a bold initiative involving countless individuals and groups. Indeed, the work cannot be done alone.

We invite you to join us—to be “Up for the Challenge”—and to become a sponsor of the Grand Challenges. Premier Sponsorships begin at $10,000 per school/organization, Sustaining Sponsorships are $2,500 – $10,000, and Contributing Sponsorships are any amount under $2,500.  Individual Sponsorships are welcome and celebrated at any amount!

With your support, we can help the Grand Challenge networks advance their progress toward measurable change, expand our scholarship, fellowship, and dissertation support programs and pair up with other academies and partners with a similar aspiration to achieve social progress through science.

Your sponsorship will fund further development of research, inter-university collaboration, and a wider public understanding of the broad aims and tools of social work. Funds will support infrastructure, including administration, Grand Challenge networks, webinars, website, coordination across networks, communications, and vital connections with other social work organizations and partners.

To become a Grand Challenges for Social Work sponsor donate here, or for additional details please contact us here.

Thank you!

Grand Challenges for Social Work Invites You to Go•Grander!