Webinars are a great way to hear directly from people working on a particular Grand Challenge, ask questions, and get involved!



August 13, 1pm EST: Digital Mapping for Public Good by Tom Felke.
The use of digital mapping technologies have seen sporadic use in social work practice. This webinar will provide an overview of various digital mapping technologies for the collection, analysis, and sharing of data. Participants will be shown how to utilize freely available digital mapping tools available online.  Register here.

September 17, 1pm EST: Virtual Reality training in child welfare by Chad McDonald & Matt Davis (more details to follow). Register here.


July 2020 | Making Change: Messaging your Issue for Policy Audiences

July 2020 | Harnessing Thanatechnology to Cope with Illness, Death, and Grief  (part of the Harness Technology for Social Good webinar series and Covid-19 series)

July 2020 | Using Digital Mapping Technologies to Inform About COVID-19 (part of the Harness Technology for Social Good webinar series and Covid-19 series)

June 2020 | Telemental Health: What digitally curious social workers need to know (part of the Harness Technology for Social Good webinar series)

June 2020 | Intimate Relationships, Technology & Abuse: What a Gender-Based Violence Framework Can Teach Us About Online Danger | Slides only  (part of the Harness Technology for Social Good webinar series)

May 2020 |  Stay Home? Housing Inequities, Covid 19, and Social Welfare Policy Responses  (part of Covid-19 webinar series)

May 2020 | Covid-19: Learning from history about disasters and economic inequality (part of Covid-19 webinar series)

March 2020 | Leading in a time of crisis: Technology resources you can use right now | Slides only

September 2019 | Current Strategies to Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality | Slides only

April 2018 | Grand Challenges – Making Research Useful to Policy Makers 

March 2018 | Harness Technology for Social Good

November 2017 | Stop Family Violence

September 2017 | Advance Long and Productive Lives

May 2017 | End Homelessness

May 2017 | Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment

January 2017 | Building Financial Capability and Assets for All] | Slides only

October 2016 | Ensuring the healthy development of all youth by unleashing the power of prevention | Slides only

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