Introducing the Original Grand Challenges

A series of webinars launched after the initial announcement of the Grand Challenges for Social Work in 2016 to introduce the Grand Challenges. The series ran from October 2016 to September 2019.

Watch the recordings and/or access the materials from each webinar below.


October 2016 | Ensuring the healthy development of all youth by unleashing the power of prevention | Slides only

January 2017 | Building Financial Capability and Assets for All | Slides only

May 2017 | Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment

May 2017 | End Homelessness

September 2017 | Advance Long and Productive Lives

November 2017 | Stop Family Violence

March 2018 | Harness Technology for Social Good

September 2019 | Current Strategies to Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality | Slides only

Introducing the Original Grand Challenges

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