Journal of Gerontological Social Work Highlights Grand Challenges

Journal of Gerontological Social Work, Call for Submissions, Special Section on Productive Aging & Retirement
The Journal of Gerontological Social Work is inviting submissions for a special section on Productive Aging and Retirement. Advancing long and productive lives is one of the Grand Challenges of the American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare. Productive Aging as a concept focuses on impactful contributions older adults make in their own lives, lives of family members, and in their communities by engaging in activities such as care giving, volunteering, and employment – paid or unpaid. The scholarly discourse on productive aging as an idea and practice has been led in large part by social work researchers and thinkers. The aim of this special section is to highlight current thinking in the field, new research knowledge promising and best practices, challenges and opportunities for knowledge translation and program implementation, and education and professional training of social workers working with older adults and their families and social workers engaged in policy practice.

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