Network Lead, Ernest Gonzalez, contributes to “Making the Case for Intergenerational Programs”

Dr. Ernest Gonzales, network lead for the Grand Challenge to Advance Long and Productive Lives, PhD. candidate Cliff Whetung, and MSW/MPH candidate Rachel Kruchten partnered with Generations United to create new, free resources promoting intergenerational programs. Developed with support from RRF Foundation for Aging, Making the Case for Intergenerational Programs is an in-depth resource that provides the rationale and facts to help make the case for intergenerational programs. It is based on a comprehensive review of the literature on intergenerational programs and highlights evidence-based findings on how intergenerational programs benefit everyone. The Fact Sheet: Intergenerational Programs Benefit Everyone provides a brief, visual overview of the benefits of intergenerational programs for all ages, staff, organizations, and communities. Check them both out here!

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