National Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2024 Advocates’ Guide

2024 Advocates' Guide coverNLIHC released today Advocates’ Guide 2024: A Primer on Federal Affordable Housing and Community Development Programs and Policies. Published annually, the Advocates’ Guide is a comprehensive resource designed for advocates and others involved in affordable housing and community development advocacy. The Advocates’ Guide comprises hundreds of pages of useful information and articles written by leading experts in the affordable housing and community development field with the aim of educating readers about the programs and policies that make housing affordable to low-income people across America.

All of us can effectively advocate for housing programs with our members of Congress and other policy makers.

Whether you are a student in an urban planning program, a new employee at a housing agency or community development corporation, or a seasoned affordable housing advocate looking for a refresher on key programs, this resource will give you the overview of housing programs and advocacy tools you need to be a leader in the affordable housing movement and to advocate effectively for socially just housing policy for low-income Americans.

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