Please vote for the Presidential Debate questions, issued by the AASWSW

What will you do to unleash the power of prevention in behavioral health care?

What will you do to ensure that everyone has health coverage and access to quality health care?

What will you do to protect the lives of vulnerable children who are victims of family violence?

What will you help family caregivers can meet their needs and those of their elders?

How will you ensure that child care fosters proper social-emotional development?

What will you do to ensure that no American children experience homelessness?

What will you do to address climate change and help people displaced by it?

How will you enable all Americans to participate in our technological society?

 How will you address mass incarceration and its effects on American communities?

 What steps will you protect workers from harmful labor practices of employers?

Will you open a Child Development Account for every child born in America?

How will you dismantle the pipeline and foster learning for all?

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