Climate Change in the News. OpEd Authored by Professor and Grand Challenges Leader, Lisa Reyes Mason, PhD

How do we take steps to protect all people in our community from the consequences of climate change before it’s too late? Lisa Reyes Mason, PhD, Program Director and Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Social Work and Faculty Director for Environment and Social Development Initiative at the Brown School’s Center for Social Development, Washington University in St Louis, weighs in. Dr. Mason authored an OpEd on climate change published in the Knox News Sentinel, “Rules for talking about our changing climate.” Dr. Mason is a co-lead on the Grand Challenge to Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment. The OpEd was published just days after the United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change issued a report detailing the immediate consequences of climate change along with steps that need to be taken now to avoid damage.

Click here to watch a WVLT 8 news interview with Dr. Lisa Reyes Mason.

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