GCSW Mission & Principles: Draft available for feedback

We are pleased to share with you a draft of the GCSW Mission & Principles and invite your review and input. The document, drafted by an ad hoc committee of the Grand Challenges Executive Committee, lays out the GCSW vision for shaping a more positive future for our society, our mission, guiding principles, guideposts for action, and more. Please submit comments and suggested revisions online.

We also invite you to attend the GCSW Roundtable at the 2019 SSWR conference to discuss and sharpen the document.

Grand Challenges for Social Work Roundtable: Vision, Mission, Principles, and Guideposts for Action
SSWR 2019, San Francisco, CA
Saturday, January 19, 2019, 12:45pm-1:45pm
Presenters: Karina Walters, Charles Lewis, Trina Shanks, Michael Sherraden & Edwina Uehara

Ad Hoc Committee (alphabetical order): Rick Barth, Sarah Gehlert, Sean Joe, Charles E. Lewis Jr., Angelo McClain, Trina Shanks, Michael Sherraden, Edwina Uehara and Karina L. Walters (Chair)

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