GCSW at 28th Annual SSWR Conference

(Roundtable session. Photographed left to right: Carrie Pettus, Neil Guterman, Mike Spencer, Schnavia Hatcher, and Ilene Allinger Candreva)

During the 28th annual conference of the Society for Social Work Researchers (SSWR), January 10 – 14, 2024, the Grand Challenges for Social Work felt much momentum and excitement through the GCSW booth, our annual roundtable session, Special Interest Group meetings, and the Networks Leads meeting.

A GCSW Luncheon provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our progress to-date and all of the people who helped us reach this point, especially Rick Barth who wraps up his long service as Chair of the Grand Challenges Leadership Board. We had the chance to celebrate some of our GCSW Doctoral Fellows who were able to join, and our newest Grand Challenge to Prevent Gun Violence.

We also celebrated the launch of our GCSW T-shirt Campaign on Threadless (you’ll see some hanging in the back of our booth at SSWR)! Check out some of our photos from throughout the conference:

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