"Fostering Equity for All Americans" in Behavioral HealthCare Blog

The national elections of 2016 loom ever closer. Unlike the past half century, these elections are bringing the problems of inequity in American society into exceptional relief. That is why a seminal conference held last week at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, is so very important. It can help each of us address which way and what actions we must take.

From September 14 to 16, the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University hosted the first ever joint conference on the 12 Grand Challenges for America. The 12 Grand Challenges Initiative reflects a broad-based effort, led by the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare and the social work community, to foster economic, social and health equity for all Americans. The projects range from promoting financial capability for all, to ending homelessness and social isolation, to ending health disparities.  (Please see my earlier blog for additional background.)

Authored by fellow Ron Manderscheid: Click here to read more

Grand Challenges for Social Work Invites You to Go•Grander!