Congressional Briefing – Undoing Racism: Removing Debilitating Criminal Penalties

Moderated by GCSW Leadership Board member Charles Lewis Jr. (of Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy (CRISP)), Undoing Racism by Eliminating Debilitating Criminal Penalties was a highly informative discussion by the panelists: Carrie Pettus-Davis, associate professor and director of the Institute for Justice Research Development at Florida State University and co-lead for Promote Smart Decarceration; Cedric Hendricks, associate director of the Court Services and Offender Supervision in Washington, DC; Margaret Love, executive director of the Collateral Consequences Resource Center; and David Muhammad, executive director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform.

Opening remarks were offered by U.S. Rep. Karen Bass, D-CA, an original co-sponsor of the REDEEM Act, legislation that would ease the barriers to re-entry for individuals convicted of felonies. The Act would expunge or seal records of offenses committed by children and provide a way for adults to seal non-violent criminal records after completing their criminal penalty.

Watch the recorded briefing here.

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