13 New Fellows Selected for Class of 2015

The American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW) has selected fellows for their distinguished accomplishments as scholars and practitioners dedicated to achieving excellence in high-impact work that advances social good. They will be inducted during public ceremonies at the Society for Social Work Research (SSWR), Conference, January 15, 2016, in Washington, D.C.

Election into the AASWSW is through a process common to many scholarly academies involving confidential nomination by current Fellows and election by a super-majority of Fellows. The establishment of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare in 2010 represented an effort by the leading national social work organizations to strengthen our capacity for rigorous analysis that can guide effective human services policies, programs, and practices, is intended to encourage and recognize outstanding research, scholarship, and practice that contribute to a sustainable, equitable, and just future. The Academy aims to influence social policy by serving as a frontline source of information for the social work profession as well as Congress and other governmental and non-government entities. It promotes the examination of social policy and the application of research to test alternative policies, programs, and practices for their impact on society. AASWSW also celebrates excellence in social work and social welfare research, education, and practice.

“The Fellows of the Academy are all strong leaders in integrating scientific methods and social work practice and policy and an enormous resource for the field.  I am delighted that 13 more Fellows will be inducted as this will significantly strengthen the range and impact of our work to benefit our wider society.” said AASWSW President Richard Barth, Dean of the University of Maryland, School of Social Work.

Induction remarks will be given by Fellow J. David Hawkins, the Endowed Professor of Prevention at the University of Washington, School of Social Work, who will be discussing the Grand Challenge for Social Work on “Ensuring Healthy Development for All Youth”.

The AASWSW’s signature initiative, The Grand Challenges for Social Work will also be addressed during the conference plenary and more than 50 panels, presentations, and posters.


The incoming Fellows are:

Mimi Abramovitz, DSW, MSW, Hunter College, CUNY

Maryann Amodeo, PhD, MSW, Boston University

Michael J. Austin, PhD, MSW, MSPH, University of California, Berkeley

Lawrence M. Berger, PhD, MSW, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, PhD, MSW, MPH, MS, New York University

Taryn Lindhorst, PhD, MSW, University of Washington

Paula S. Nurius, PhD, MSW, MA, University of Washington

John G. Orme, PhD, MSW, University of Tennessee

Lawrence Albert Palinkas, PhD, MA, University of Southern California

Harold Pollack, PhD, University of Chicago

Stephanie Robert, PhD, MSW, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Michael S. Spencer, PhD, MSSW, University of Michigan

Bruce A. Thyer, PhD, MSW, MA, Florida State University



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