Harness technology for social good

WP12WP11Innovative applications of new digital technology present opportunities for social and human services to reach more people with greater impact on our most vexing social problems. These new technologies can be deployed to more strategically target social spending, speed up the development of effective programs, and bring a wider array of help to more individuals and communities. [See Brief Description]

Our Leadership

Network Co-Leads to Harness Technology for Social Good: Brendan BealStephanie Berzin, Claudia CoultonShari MillerMelanie Sage, and Jonathan Singer.

Policy Recommendations

Berzin, S. C., Coulton, C. J., Goerge, R., Hitchcock, L., Putnam-Hornstein, E., Sage, M., & Singer, J. (2016, September). Policy recommendations for meeting the Grand Challenge to Harness Technology for Social Good (Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative Policy Brief No. 8). Cleveland, OH: American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare.