Ensure healthy development for all youth

WP6WP10Each year, more than six million young people receive treatment for severe mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. Strong evidence shows us how to prevent many behavioral health problems before they emerge. By unleashing the power of prevention through widespread use of proven approaches, we can help all youth grow up to become healthy and productive adults. [See Brief Description]

Our Leadership

Network Co-Leads to Ensure Healthy Development of all Youth: J. David Hawkins and Jeffrey Jenson.

Policy Recommendations

Hawkins, J. D., Jenson, J. M., DeVylder, J., Catalano, R. F., Botvin, G. J., Fraser, M., … Bumbarger, B. (2016, September). Policy recommendations for meeting the Grand Challenge to Ensure Healthy Development for All Youth (Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative Policy Brief No. 1). Cleveland, OH: American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare.

Policy Action Statement

“Ensure healthy development for all youth.” Actions target family-focused preventive interventions to children and families through primary health care.

Published Articles

Additional Resources

Additional Documents

Coalition Activities for the Promotion of Behavioral Health

April 19, 2016, Congressional Briefing on Healthy Parenting Programs in Primary Care. For more information, visit: National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives

Editorial in The New York Times. An editorial by Coalition member and founder of the Life Skills Training prevention program, Gilbert J. Botvin, appeared recently in the New York Times

Get Involved in the Coalition for the Promotion of Behavioral Health!

Four working committees have been established to identify, lead, and conduct tasks necessary to meet the goals and action steps identified in Unleashing the Power of Prevention. The Coalition needs your help! Please consider becoming involved in one of our four committees:

Expanding the Membership Base and Reach of the Coalition
J. David Hawkins, PhD, Chair, University of Washington

Workforce Development: Preparing Practitioners for Prevention
Kimberly Bender, PhD, Co-Chair, University of Denver
Valerie Shapiro, PhD, Co-Chair, University of California at Berkeley

Dissemination of Unleashing the Power of Prevention 
Jeffrey M. Jenson, PhD, Chair, University of Denver

Securing Funding to Advance the Goals of Unleashing the Power of Prevention 
Richard Catalano, PhD. Chair, University of Washington

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