Webinar: Current Strategies to Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality

Recorded on 9/18/19

Focusing on work, income, and inclusive wealth-building strategies to reduce economic inequality through macro social work practice

This webinar explores the ideas of the Grand Challenge to Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality and its implications for macro social work, in a format that is useful for classroom teaching.


Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality Grand Challenge network co-leads:

  • Laura Lein, Professor and Dean Emeritus, University of Michigan
  • Trina Shanks, Associate Professor, University of Michigan
  • Jennie Romich, Associate Professor, University of Washington

Guest panelists:

  • Amy Castro Baker, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania, and Co-Principal Investigator, Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration evaluation.
  • Jody Chong (Blaylock), Project Manager for Financial Equity, Heartland Alliance, Chicago, IL.
  • Reid Cramer, Director, Millennials Initiative at New America, Washington, DC
  • Nicole Vallestero Keenan-Lai, Executive Director, Puget Sound Sage, Seattle, WA

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