Social Work and the Grand Challenge to Eliminate Racism

Cover for Social Work and the Grand Challenge to Eliminate Racism
Edited by: Martell L. TeasleyMichael S. Spencer, and Melissa Bartholomew

This text offers a compendium of knowledge and perspectives from leading researchers dedicated to examining various forms of racism and their distinctions and impact on racial groups. Each chapter promotes both evidence and practice-based research that cultivates improvements in the daily lives of people affected by racism. The text also advocates for the facilitation of systemic change on the individual, organizational, community, and greater societal levels. With this advocacy perspective, the authors aim to advance community empowerment and advocacy to address and eliminate both racism and white supremacy. The authors identify the link between racism and social determinants of both physical/mental health and social well-being aiming to foster development of an anti-racist social work framework that promotes access to resources and opportunities that encompass transdisciplinary collaboration among the workforce.

From a historical perspective, the book also examines the link between historical racial oppression and its contemporary effects and counterparts within racialized economic injustice. In sum, the authors collectively promote both teaching and learning within social work education programs that place emphasis on examining structural inequalities and white privilege – as well as the impacts on individual and group outcomes. To combat this, the text calls upon all social workers to develop a policy agenda for eliminating racism and white supremacy at the institutional and organizational level where structural racism is rampant, evident, and causes the most damage among marginalized groups.

  • Makes use of evidence-based approaches to antiracist practices
  • Expands the conceptual understanding of racism and how it works
  • Places an emphasis on solutions to racialized structures and practices in society
  • Examines historical antecedents to institutional and structural racism
  • Promotes critical thinking about race and racism, discrimination, and bias their central impact on society


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