NYU Silver Study Counters Narrative that Street Homeless Are “Service Resistant”

A team of researchers from the NYU Silver School of Social Work, led by End Homelessness Grand Challenge network co-lead Professor Deborah Padgett, and in partnership with Human.nyc, has found that bureaucratic barriers rather than personal intransigence lead many street homeless people in New York City to refuse outreach workers’ offers of shelter. Read about the study and Dr. Padgett’s work.

Dr. Padgett also served on the planning committee for the third annual National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness, sponsored by NYU Silver and Point Source Youth, and led one of the first sessions on Implementing Community Driven Research and Evaluation in Youth Programs. More than 800 stakeholders, including youth, nonprofit leaders, researchers, policy makers, and funders participated in the symposium’s numerous plenaries, panels, and workshops organized in research and data, systems and interventions, and youth and advocacy tracks. Videos of all of the sessions will be posted at pointsourceyouth.org.

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