Science for Action — Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment

Event recording here.

Watch the event hosted by University of Denver for its eighth Science for Action Social Work Grand Challenges series. This event features the Grand Challenge to Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment.

With the speed of climate change, the ongoing degradation of the ecological environment, and the immediate and detrimental impact on marginalized communities, the need to expand the focus on environmental justice and sustainability across the social work curriculum has become increasingly apparent. One of the goals is to increase awareness of and responsiveness to the ever-changing environmental contexts in the communities where social workers practice.

This event features a keynote presentation by network co-lead Lisa Reyes Mason, associate professor and PhD program director in the College of Social Work at the University of Tennessee. Mason studies the effects of climate change and promotes social justice through community engagement and transdisciplinary research.

Watch the event recording here. 

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