Income Support: How can Basic Income and Child Allowances reduce extreme economic inequality?

The Reducing Extreme Economic Inequality Grand Challenge is hosting a webinar exploring the ways in which different policies and approaches can address economic inequality titled, “Income Support: How can Basic Income and Child Allowances reduce extreme economic inequality?”


This webinar is designed to explore the nature of Basic Income policies, including such related policies as Child Allowances.  Social workers need to know about, understand, and consider their support for new policies and approaches that will address economic inequality and the consequent ills of material hardship; food, housing, and income insecurity; and racial and gender income and wealth gaps. The pandemic has made even more glaringly visible the nature of economic inequality in the United States, the intersection with race and gender, and the ramifications for health, education, and access to work.  Basic Income and Child Allowances are related approaches designed to address both economic inequality and the insecurities and dangers it brings.

CE hours will be offered. Please follow the registration link for more information.


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