Be a part of the Grand Challenges for Social Work (GCSW) to:

  • Think deeply, boldly, and creatively about our society’s future and social work’s role in shaping that future.
  • Develop and implement strategies that bridge the gap between research and practice in social work.
  • Take proven, evidence-based approaches to scale in critical areas.
  • Collaborate with researchers, practitioners, and colleagues in related disciplines to create transformational, lasting social change.
  • Achieve greater impact in your own research and practice.

How Can I Participate?
Everyone can sign up for the GCSW email list and connect with the initiative through social media including:

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Up4theChallenge to connect your social media posts and Tweets to the broader Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative.

Going Deeper
If you’re a dean or director of a school of social work or even a faculty member, you can:

  • Host/sponsor a Grand Challenges conference or symposium (perhaps in collaboration with other Schools/Departments on campus).
  • Develop a fellowship/scholarship program related to a Grand Challenge or all Grand Challenges.
  • Offer courses/conduct curriculum change to reflect the Grand Challenges.
  • Offer a Grand Challenges speakers series (again, perhaps in collaboration with other Schools/Departments on campus).
  • Open a Grand Challenges Center or Institute.

If you’re a social work researcher or student, you can:

  • Connect your research to one of the Grand Challenges in your manuscripts, posters, presentations, even grant proposals.
  • Find new collaborators in groups or activities connected to one or more Grand Challenges
  • Host an #Up4theChallenge event on your campus or in your class.
  • Post information about your or others’ work related to a Grand Challenge on the GCSW. Facebook Group page or through your Twitter feed using the #Up4theChallenge
  • Create your own Grand Challenges discussion group or brown bag lunch series on your campus.

If you are a practitioner or advocate:

  • Connect with social work researchers doing cutting edge science related to your work, organization, coalition or initiative.
  • Work with local schools of social work to host a policy briefing, community symposia or other meeting related to a particular Grand Challenge.
  • Promote the Grand Challenges initiative or particular Grand Challenges events in your organization’s newsletters social media or web site.

Contact us

If you are working on one of the Grand Challenge issue areas—from any angle or discipline—and want to collaborate on a project or share information with social workers addressing the issue, please let us know! Contact one of the lead authors of any of Grand Challenge working papers or send questions to: