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Proposed Grand Challenge Ideas

Proposed Grand Challenge Ideas

Mar 11

Illegal Social Work

The obligations of social workers to their clients, and the commitments they make to social justice sometimes require them to break the law. This creates a whole host of moral, administrative, and logistic challenges for the profession. The most important… continue reading

Mar 5

Reduce Child Neglect in the U.S. by 50%

Despite declines in the past two decades of child sexual and physical abuse, rates of child neglect have remained virtually unchanged. Today, over 3/4 of children victimized by maltreatment have suffered neglect, justifying a concerted focus on this form of… continue reading

Feb 19

Food Security, Environmental Justice and Protection

Food insecurity and hunger have increased considerably world-wide. Women & children, especially in low resource countries, continue to be overrepresented among people lacking access to adequate food to lead  healthy and productive lives (Anderson, 1990; Nord, 2003; USDA, 2013). Despite… continue reading

Feb 19

Globalize Social Welfare Education

Social Work and Social Welfare education have been constrained by a curriculum framework built around training people for westernized, individually structured social services in the context of a limited array of western styled practice contexts (i.e. hospitals, schools, agencies), and… continue reading

Feb 19

Decarcerating America

Social work is the profession to lead the historic reversal of mass incarceration (i.e., decarceration) in the U.S. For nearly four decades, the theme for U.S. prisons and jails has been “growth.” In that time, incarceration rates increased sevenfold, making… continue reading