Steven P. Segal, PhD

Steven P. Segal, PhD

inducted in 2010 Fellow

Steven P. Segal, PhD, MSW, ASCW, is the Milton and Florenz Krenz Mack Distinguished Professor and director of the Mack Center on Mental Health and Social Conflict and the Mental Health and Social Welfare Research Group (MHSWRG) at the School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley. Professor Segal’s previous positions include:

  • Director, Center for Self Help Research
  • Principal investigator (thrice competitively funded) NIMH/NRSA Pre/Post Doctoral Research Training Program in Financing and Service Delivery
  • Institute of Advanced Study, Distinguished Fellow, LaTrobe University
  • Senior Fulbright Research/Lectureships in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

He has received competitive RO1 National Institute of Mental Health mental health services research funding for over thirty years, published four books and over a hundred peer-reviewed publications in major research journals in psychiatry, medicine, public health, social work, and six other disciplines. He has worked on mental health services research related to long-term community and residential care, civil commitment, dangerousness, and quality of psychiatric emergency care.

He also taught all levels of post-secondary education, contributing to the education of physicians, psychiatrists, lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, and trained more than a thousand social workers in practice, policy, and research. He has practiced social work with adults, children, and families and has provided expert opinion in major legal cases.

As Mack Center Director he is leading the development of programmatic efforts addressing mental health services’ needs associated with social conflict and is continuing MHSWRG projects providing empirically based practice knowledge on combined-consumer/professional mental health services and outpatient civil commitment.