Social media is a great way to join in the Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative. Stay up to date with the effort through:

We are also using the hashtag #Up4theChallenge to provide a way for you to connect relevant posts and Tweets to the broader Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative or any of the 12 Grand Challenges.

At the kick off for the initiative at the Society for Social Work Research in January in Washington, DC, we will host an #Up4theChallenge event at the reception following the Grand Challenges announcement.

Stay tuned for the Tweets and posts that come out of that event and for an #Up4theChallenge kit that will provide easy-to-follow instructions about how to run a pop-up event that can allow colleagues, students and friends to show how we are all #Up4theChallenge of working to make transformative progress on the 12 Grand Challenges for Social Work.